I'm Back!

After a nine year hiatus, Edo in Tokyo is back!

: celebratory hyena woop:

A lot has happened since EiT was last up, but I'll spare you any kind of exciting recap. The purpose of the site hasn't changed really. It's still a place to share my experiences, thoughts, and projects. This time I hope to keep the site up permanently.

The next few weeks or so the site will be stuck with this default "awesome theme" made by blogger. I'm currently working on a new simplified design which will work with bootstrap and is coded with Sublime. The wire frame is nearly complete as you see below. Following the this I will have it polished up in Adobe XD.

InVision freehand wire frame design for EiT

And finally, yes, I will be in Tokyo again. It's just a matter of when really. I'm thinking 2020.

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