July 19' Antique Finds

C&C Antiques
734 Bedford St, Elmwood, MA 02337

For a small shop they had quite a large selection of antiques. Aside from what I purchased below, there was a nice collection of uranium glass under a UV light, and a couple of desk clocks with radium paint.

Travel Clock: 22,000 CPM, 94 μSv/h
Wristwatch: 1,815 CPM, 7.75
Uranium Glass Marble: 105 CPM, 0.44

One Horse Shay Antiques
450 E Center St, West Bridgewater, MA 02379

A humble little shop. Nothing these was radioactive, but I did find this cool Civil Defense Survival Supply Drum. These were store in fallout shelters all across the US during the cold war. Today it's my clothes hamper.

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